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If limited mobility has you frustrated and in constant physical pain, seek help by scheduling an appointment with one of our dedicated chiropractors. Cervical and lumbar traction treatment might help you regain your mobility and improve the quality of your life.

Cervical and lumbar traction treatment can be an ideal solution if you suffer from:





Let us help you feel good again. Take the first steps toward a pain-free existence by getting in contact with one of our representatives.

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Feel free to voice your thoughts and concerns throughout the course of your treatment. We are committed to eliminating your pain quickly and for the long term. This isn't possible without your help!


Specialized back treatment is also available from one of the area's only female chiropractor, Bettina Scheinuck D.C.

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Your physical examination will be performed with care by skilled and experienced chiropractors in order to ensure that you receive the best possible recommendation for treatment.

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